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Property Photography Tips: How You Can Dress Your House To Sell Quicker UK

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Property Photography Tips: How You Can Dress Your House To Sell Quicker UK

Real estate agents often use techniques to sell their properties quickly. One of the most effective techniques that can bolster the selling price of a property and lead to a quick house sale is home staging or dressing your house or property. This article will give some great advice on how you can stage your house for maximum effect, so it sells faster!

What is Home Staging?

If you are thinking of selling a property, it is important that the property photographs taken for marketing purposes look good. This will help potential buyers find their dream home and make an offer on it quickly. If they don’t like what they see in the photos, they may not even bother looking at the rest of the details about the property.

Home staging is a great way to sell your home without the hassle of doing a ton of work. Home staging helps to dress your house so that it looks its best for prospective buyers.

To have an efficient and successful home staging, you need to understand what you want to accomplish. When people first think about home staging, they think of just making their homes look nicer on the surface. And while this may be a good start, it’s not going to be enough for most people looking for homes that have been staged professionally.

Good staging involves creating a mood and ambience in your house that brings out its best features and hides its flaws or downsides. It can also include adding small details like little vases with flowers or candles to make the house more attractive to potential buyers.

How to Dress Your House for Sale?

If you have a property for sale and want to sell it fast, you need to make sure that your entire property is dressed splendidly. The key things to consider as a real estate agent when dressing up your house or staging for professional property photos are as follows:

1) Make sure everything works properly – If there’s anything broken or missing from your house, make sure it gets fixed before putting it on display. This includes electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, appliances, etc.

2) Clean thoroughly – You don’t want any dirt or dust lying around after cleaning! Get rid of all clutter and clean every nook and cranny. 3) Add some light – Adding lighting will help bring out the beauty of your rooms and add more depth to them. Lighting should complement the style of your room rather than overpower it.

4) Create a welcoming atmosphere – A warm welcome makes visitors feel at ease and comfortable. So if you’re selling your house, try to create a cosy environment by using soft colours, lots of natural textures, and inviting scents.

5) Use neutral tones – Neutral colours such as white, off-white, tan, grey, brown, black, blue, green, yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, copper, silver, gold, bronze, rust, olive, taupe, cream, ivory, and charcoal go well together and give a sense of calmness.

6) Keep it simple – Don’t overdo it with too many accessories. The fewer items you use, the better.

7) Be creative – Think outside the box and develop unique ideas for decorating your house.

8) Include personal touches – Personalise each space in your house with something unique that represents you.

9) Consider the seasons – Your house needs to change depending on where you live. For example, houses located near water require different decorations during summer compared to winter. Also, certain areas of your home might get dirty faster than others. In these cases, you’ll need to keep track of how often you vacuum and mop your floors.

10) Have fun – Enjoy yourself while preparing your house for sale. After all, it’s supposed to be enjoyable!

11) Do research – Before starting to stage your house, do thorough research online and offline.

How to Make the Most of Property photos?

We all know that homes are listed for sale on property portals on the internet, but what really sets one apart from the other? A good photo is a key to attracting buyers and getting the sale price that your property deserves. So what should you do to make your property stand out and have a quick sale?

1) Make sure that all rooms are clean and tidy before taking any pictures. If there’s clutter in the room or dirty windows, it won’t look as good when viewed online. You want people to be able to see inside easily so they know what their home looks like.

2) Use natural light whenever possible. This means if you have an open-plan living area with no curtains or blinds, use this time to take some great interior shots. The same goes for bedrooms – don’t forget about those too-often overlooked spaces.

3) Don’t overdo it with props. Keep them simple and avoid using anything that could potentially damage walls or floors.

4) Take lots of different angles. Try shooting from above, below, left and right. These give buyers a 360-degree view of the space, which helps them visualise themselves moving around the room.

5) Include details such as furniture placement, flooring patterns and even minor items like clocks and vases. They add interest and depth to images and show off the features of your home.

6) Showcase the best parts of each room by focusing on one focal point per shot. For example, if you’re showing off a dining table, put everything else out of focus except for the table itself.

7) Avoid having multiple subjects in every photo. Instead, choose just two main points of interest and include other elements in the background.

8) When choosing locations, think outside the box. A dull kitchen doesn’t always mean that you need to stick to the usual spots. Look at unusual places where you might not usually go – under stairs, behind doors etc.,

9) Remember to keep things interesting. Add something unexpected to break up the monotony of the image. Maybe try adding a plant or flower pot? Or maybe play with lighting?

10) Finally, remember to edit your images well after uploading them. Remove unwanted objects, adjust brightness/contrast levels and crop away unnecessary areas.

11) And finally, once you’ve taken all these steps, sit back and wait patiently for results.